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There is a difference between onsite case management versus telephonic case management.  H&H Nurse Case Managers go onsite to gain a rapport with the injured worker and all parties involved in their care.  By doing so, the injured worker can trust that their needs will be taken care of.  During the initial hospitalization, medical records cannot be obtained over the phone due to HIPPA Laws (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act).  H&H Nurse Case Managers gain consent from the injured worker or their family and can then access the medical records to gain insight into the accident and injuries to help plan for their rehabilitation and recovery needs.  H&H Nurse Case Managers attend physician appointments to assist the injured worker and their families in asking pertinent questions and educating them on physician recommendations so that they can be an educated participant in their care.  H&H Nurse Case Managers have a relationships with many providers and facilities within the rehabilitation community, allowing “out of the box” thinking to meet all of the injured worker’s needs.  No two injured workers are alike.  Neither should their plans of treatment be.  Treatment plans should be individualized as much as possible and H&H Nurse Case Managers are onsite to assure this happens. 


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